Upland Kapost Delivers Modern Content Operations for Complex, B2B Marketing Organizations


Kapost’s Spring ’22 release features new dynamic content creation processes, cross-functional collaboration, and revenue team enablement capabilities

Upland Software (Nasdaq: UPLD) is excited to announce that the highly-anticipated Spring ’22 Release for its content operations product, Kapost, is now available and in market. The latest release from Kapost helps enterprise B2B marketing organizations more effectively manage complex content operations from one central location, resulting in higher revenue-generating campaigns and win rates.

“As a pioneer in the content operations space, we continue to help our customers scale content and engage audiences with solutions for the most complex B2B marketing organizations,” says Patrick Morrissey, SVP and GM at Upland Software. “The Kapost Spring Release is the next step in modern content operations, delivering new functionality to support dynamic content creation processes, cross-functional collaboration, and revenue team enablement.”

For enterprise marketing organizations, content fuels all revenue-generating campaigns and activities – and being able to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of content from one central location is critical to their operational success. With Kapost, marketing teams can implement production and process efficiencies, manage resources most effectively, improve the buyer’s journey, and avoid content waste. The new features were driven by value definition and iteration cycles with customers, whose feedback directly impacted the shape and scope of the functionality.

The Kapost Spring ’22 Release includes new functionality to enhance customers’ existing content processes with dynamic workflow capabilities and additional collaboration and access features, including:

  • Content Stages – These expanded capabilities allow content creators to build and customize workflows into modular stages to meet their organization’s process needs. Content Stages also uniquely allows parallel workflows to happen simultaneously, enabling high performing content teams to deliver content to marketing organizations more efficiently.
  • Managed Access on Content – New permissions and control features enable Kapost admins to control who can view and edit individual pieces of content, allowing separate groups to work in Kapost while protecting proprietary content. Managed Access on Content gives content leaders more ownership over access and visibility on marketing content, providing further scalability across larger, complex B2B organizations.
  • Idea Feedback Loop – Allows Kapost users to collaborate directly with non-licensed Idea submitters through Kapost email notifications.
  • Gallery and Studio Enhancements – Includes bulk actions on tasks and deadlines, email approver attachments, and expanded Gallery field tags and custom field display.

The Kapost Spring ’22 release is available now. For more information about Kapost, visit www.uplandsoftware.com/kapost, or contact Upland to see a demo.

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Source: Upland Software Inc.