Upland’s Corporate Governance information provides insights into how we accomplish our goals for future growth. We believe honest and ethical conduct is critical to our business. Learn more by viewing our board of directors, our committee charters, and our code of business conduct and ethics.

Board of Directors

John T. McDonald

Chairman of the Board, Upland CEO
John T. McDonald has served as our Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of our Board since our founding in July 2010. Prior to founding Upland in 2010, Mr. McDonald was Chief Executive Officer of Perficient, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRFT), an information technology consulting firm, from 1999 to 2009, and chairman from 2001 to 2010.

David D. May

David D. May is a vice president of Luther King Capital Management, which he joined in August 2013. From January 2005 to August 2013, he was the co-founder and portfolio manager of Third Coast Capital Management, an Austin-based long-short equity hedge fund formed in 2004.

Stephen E. Courter

Stephen E. Courter has served as a member of our Board since September 2014. Mr. Courter is on the faculty of the McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin, which he joined in August 2007, teaching courses in the Masters in Business Administration program and leading study abroad programs in Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia.

Rodney C. Favaron

Rodney C. Favaron has served as a member of our Board since September 2014. Mr. Favaron served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Spredfast, Inc., a provider of social media marketing solutions, from February 2011 until October 2018.

Joe Ross

Joe Ross has served as a member of our Board since October 2017. Mr. Ross is President and Co-Founder of CSIDentity Corp., an identity theft protection company that he co-founded in 2006 and that is now owned by Experian.

Committee Charters

Upland Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter

Upland Compensation Committee Charter

Upland Audit Committee Charter

Conduct of Ethics

Upland Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Communicating with the Board of Directors

The Board provides a process for security holders to send communications to the Board. Any matter intended for the Board, or for any individual member or members of the Board, should be directed to our Corporate Secretary at 401 Congress Avenue, Suite 1850, Austin, Texas 78701, with a request to forward the communication to the intended recipient or recipients. Our General Counsel or Corporate Secretary monitors these communications and will provide a summary of all received messages to the Board at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.

Where the nature of a communication warrants, our Corporate Secretary may determine, in his or her judgment, to obtain the more immediate attention of the appropriate committee of the Board or non-management director, of independent advisers or of Company management, as our Corporate Secretary considers appropriate. Our Corporate Secretary reserves the right not to forward to Board members any abusive, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate materials, or to decide in the exercise of his or her judgment whether a response to any stockholder communication is necessary.